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If there was one video game that truly defines the attitude of Action Moving & Storage, it’s definitely tetris. Something about neatly organizing those little coloured boxes into perfectly symmetrical patterns really gets us fired up. The difference between our packing techniques and tetris? If you enlist our services, your items won’t disappear into nothingness upon being lined up properly!

Just like the tetris professionals (who knew a dream job existed?), we have been in the business for so long that packing comes as second nature to our talented staff. Sometimes, it can be a little too easy for us to take for granted the fact that not everybody is a moving expert. As that is the case, we have put together some handy dandy tips for you amateur movers. You may not be a tetris pro just yet, but, by following these tips, you will be ascending to box aligning stardom in no time.

  • While your first instinct may be to minimize on the number of boxes you are taking with you, always take into consideration rule numero uno of packing up – the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Nothing is worse than watching your most prized anvil fall to the ground due to it being packed up with a bunch of other heavy objects.
  • To expand on rule number one, if you have plenty of books to move, try to pack them in small boxes. They can get heavy quickly and create a cumbersome dilemma.
  • Your overarching goal while packing your house should be to separate the rooms. Use colour coding or label your boxes so that unpacking becomes less of a hassle.
  • Moving your collection of fine china? Be careful what you are wrapping it in! Many amateur movers view newspaper as a cheap and effective buffer to pack items together. In reality, one drop of moisture and that stuff will be staining everything it touches.
  • On the topic of fine china… always remember to stash your dishes upwards while packing. Let’s put it this way – enjoying the first meal in your new home out of a can is never fun.
  • You never know what can happen during the moving process. To prepare for any sort of emergency, whether it is a sudden decision to move to Tijuana, or your uncle’s old Chevy catching on fire, always ensure that important documents such as passports or family relics are packed on top of everything else.
  • Boxes should always be taped, not interlocked at the top. If the boxes don’t have tops at all, you are doing something horribly wrong. Our crew does all the taping for you!
  • Duct tape is the friend of ducts and kidnappers only. Use packing tape at all times unless you want a sticky surprise.
  • The wisest of movers are those who can predict that they will one day be moving – join this elite circle by keeping the boxes that your electronics and/or appliances are originally packaged in, if you can afford the space. One day, when it is time to switch homes, you will have the perfect vessels to move these objects with ease.
  • Furniture is pretty large. Right??? This statement is true, until you take it apart to make packing easier. Now, aside from a couple key components, you are looking at a mess of tiny, very lose-able pieces. An easy solution to this potential dilemma is to tape these small sections onto the base. If you have a lot of little screws and bolts, put them in a bag which is labelled and packed with the rest of the unit.

Having a cohesive strategy in place to tackle your move is, at the end of the day, what is going to be your saviour. No amount of packing expertise or tetris gaming will be adequate if you do not plan your move ahead of time. Sit down, strategize, pack each room individually, and put away the items you won’t require until long after the move is over. Then, it will be time to put your mind towards stacking those little boxes. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate or fill out our form below.