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Throughout our time spent as Edmonton professional movers, we here at Action Moving and Storage have encountered a broad variety of characters. One of those that stands out to us the most, we refer to as the ‘lone wolf’. The lone wolf is a person who believes that they have the ability to perform a move on their own, without the assistance of friends or professional movers. These brave, yet often misguided souls, view moving as a process that can be done completely independently, and often aim to do whatever they can to cut costs, and (for the more altruistic ones) save others from inconvenience.

If you are new to our blog, we welcome you! For those who are acquainted with us already, you may have noticed a common thread – that moving can be a difficult process. Ideally, one should try to avoid solo moves at all costs – even the most steadfast lone wolves will find themselves encumbered by one difficulty or another along the way. Should you be feeling brave (and, let’s be real, a little foolish), and plan on shrugging off our expert advice, well, best of luck. Here are six things that may persuade you to put those plans aside.

  1. Timing Is Important… Good Luck

When an affordable and professional moving company plans out a move, they take into consideration all of the little moving parts that must come together to ensure the move is completed in a timely manner.

Since it is likely that you only have a short time frame to actually complete your move, you have to consider all sorts of factors that could impede progress. Broken down vehicles, difficult landlords, or broken boxes are all minor inconveniences that will inevitably dig into your time-scaling.

If you are moving by yourself, you won’t have any support to help deal with these issues, which will lead to you slowly but surely running out of precious time. This will directly contribute towards you being stressed out, which is not a great mindset to have while starting a new chapter of your life.

2. Vehicles – Friend or Foe?

Determining the size of the vehicle you are going to use to move is a tricky solo task unto itself. While you may want to consider renting a large truck that is guaranteed to store all of your items, this simply opens another can of worms – if the truck has too much space, things can easily slide around and break. In addition, inexperienced drivers of large vehicles may find themselves in some truly sticky situations as they try to manoeuvre around their new neighbourhood. By hiring a team of professionals, they will be able to determine exactly what type of transportation will suit your move, and can take care of the driving for you.

3. Cost Effective? Maybe Not

We have had to rally in order to bail out stranded lone wolves on many occasions. These unfortunate souls generally end up contacting us once they find themselves overwhelmed with the challenges that their house move has laid before them. The number one reason why these folks have decided to move themselves is to save money. While this is certainly a good incentive to practice a DIY approach, the chances of things going wrong are simply too high to make it worth rolling the dice. Even small inconveniences, such as flat tires, can lead to all sorts of unforeseen expenses. While saving money is certainly important, this is not the area of your life where being frugal is going to pay off in the long or short term.

4. Packing Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

Tossing a couple of items into cardboard boxes isn’t too difficult, right? Wrong – as we have mentioned in countless articles, packing is actually a technical procedure that requires foresight and patience. Ensuring that items do not get broken is just the tip of the iceberg – you also need to account for the space in your vehicle, have a strategy for how to proceed with unpacking, and also a system to determine exactly what stays and what goes. If those sound like things you want to take care of on your own time, without professional help, you can be our guest – regrets will surely follow.

5. Safety Should Never Be Second

Hiring professional movers is one way to be assured that your move will be conducted in a safe and efficient manner. During the hustle and bustle of moving house, it can be easy for one to forget just how heavy furniture is. If your grandmother’s antique armchair falls down, not only can you potentially lose a beloved piece of your heritage, but it can also pose serious safety risks.

The Action team is equipped and trained to handle your possessions in a conscientious fashion, that also prioritizes safety above anything else. To sweeten the deal – we will do all of the heavy lifting, so you need not worry about pulling your back or twisting your ankle mid-move.

6. Don’t Make Yourself A Social Pariah

The first thing that many lone wolves do, upon being faced with the realization that their move is too much to handle, is contact friends and family to lend them a hand last minute. Unless you plan on forking out lots of cash, or mountains of pizza and beer, don’t be surprised if your last minute requests are met with groans of disinterest. Let’s be real, nobody wants to get a call at 7 PM on a Sunday night from a friend requesting a bail-out. Rather than scramble to rally your social circle, just plan ahead and leave the work up to the professionals.

Ambition is an important trait to have. By being ambitious, man has conquered the world, travelled to the moon, and created sliced bread. Ambition is not something that you want to bring to the table when you are planning your move – especially when you plan on being ambitious by moving everything yourself. We hope that these six points have convinced you to be a team player, rather than a lone wolf. At the end of the day, you can find yourself stuck on a staircase holding up a heavy dresser, or you can let the Action Moving and Storage team handle it. The choice is yours, but pick wisely, or your wallet may suffer more than you initially planned. Fill out our FREE Quote form today!