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Moving time should not be a stressful time. While the act of packing up and relocating every single one of your possessions (including yourself) is a lot to digest, with the proper planning and coordination, you can ensure that your move goes as smooth as butter. Action Moving and Storage has been in the biz long enough to understand what works – and what doesn’t work- when it comes to moving house. If you want your experience to be, hassle free, affordable, and butter-like as possible, then consider the following:

  1. Everyone Else Is Probably Moving At The Same Time: Professional moving companies generally work on a seasonal cycle. There are set periods of each year where we expect traffic and demand for our service to increase exponentially. These times are generally around Spring and the Fall, when students are more likely to be shuffling their living arrangements. Weekends are, of course, generally more hectic for movers as well. If you plan on minimizing the stress that your move causes, consider these factors when planning your moving date. Planning to move during the ‘off season’ is a strategy that will pay off exponentially both in terms of costs saved and stress reduced. Late Fall or Winter are a sure bet if you want to ensure reservations with a moving team. As with everything else in life, making decisions and preparations earlier rather than later will lead to indisputably better outcomes.
  2. Pack (With Your Imagination): A survey conducted by the University of Alberta revealed that the general public viewed affordability as one of the most important indicators of a successful move. One of the easiest phases of the moving process for you to practice frugality is the packing process. For those seeking to save some funds, try talking to your friends, family, and neighbours – there is a great chance that they will have boxes and packing supplies left over from their last move. When it comes to arranging your items, feel free to get creative – a little imagination and resourcefulness can go a long ways. For example, instead of spending money on packing peanuts, try transporting your valuables inside of boxes stuffed with towels and newspaper. Rather than being constrained to one type of moving container (boxes), don’t forget that suitcases, drawers, and backpacks can also be used as quick, easy, and affordable replacements.
  3. Find A Moving Team That Works With You, For You: Between packing, hosting a yard sale, and making arrangements with your new landlord, there is a decent chance that you have enough on your plate to not bother with researching which moving company works best for you. Rather than choosing the first option that comes up on Google, it is a good idea to take your time to research and consider which moving team is going to make your life easier. With so many unprofessional movers out there, it is essential that you look for a moving company that meets the following requirements:
    1. Licensed and well-trained staff: Because you wouldn’t want to see an untrained worker handling your antique furniture.
    2. Offers payment options: If the company you are considering hiring only takes cash in-hand, you may want to start looking elsewhere.
    3. Properly insured: Any reputable moving team should be able to provide you with a copy of their insurance coverage and professional certifications.
    4. Communicate clearly and efficiently: You want to hire a crew that meshes well with your moving goals and embraces a spirit of collaboration. If their communication is unclear from the offset, it will probably become a bigger issue further down the line.
    5. Honest pricing: Watch out for companies that charge hidden fees or refuse to provide pricing estimates – these guys are fishier than a bluefin tuna’s socks.

Fortunately, Action Moving and Storage makes all of the aforementioned points the focus of our business. We not only emphasize the importance of a collaborative and customer oriented moving process, but also practice total transparency. Should you want a quote, copy of our insurance, or to meet the team in advance of the big move, we are available, and happy to help. We sincerely hope that these three pointers have provided a solid benchmark for you to start planning, keep in touch if there is anything else we can assist with!