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Life is full of choices. Whether you are choosing which hummus flavour suits you best, or which socks you will need for the gala, it is difficult to deny the on-going presence of decision making within our day-to-day lives. Sometimes, there are too many options being presented at one time. Choosing the right moving company should not be part of this dilemma. The expert blog writers (and movers) at Action Moving & Storage are here to help you narrow down the perfect company so as to ensure your move goes as smooth as butter (or hummus). Here are some important questions you should be asking any moving business prior to acquiring their assistance on your next house-shifting adventure:

Is your company insured? Just like decision-making, unfortunate accidents are a sad reality that we all must face regularly. Always make sure your movers are recognized by the Better Business Bureau and WCB, just in case something goes sideways.

How does your charging work? Certain moving companies will charge you hourly, others will charge you based off a quoted price. There is no right or wrong way for this system to work, but you should always ensure you have a full understanding of the ‘financial’ side of things prior to making your decision.

What payment options are offered? If you run into a company that only accepts cash… well, that may be a bit of a red flag. Reputable businesses will generally take all forms of payment. Action Movers & Storage will even provide you with a quote for free!

Are your employees in-house? The world of trades is rife with contractors, sub-contractors, and sub-sub contractors. Moving is no different. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that the staff carrying your precious grand piano are actually part of the company itself, and not some uninsured Joe off the street looking to make a couple bucks. Temporary workers and labourers acquired through staffing agencies are also things to watch out for.

What kind of training are you offering your employees? This is a bit of a tricky question – one that you can use to weed out moving companies that use temp labour. Any reputable business should be able to give you a run-down of exactly what sort of training and qualifications their movers and drivers have. If they do not provide a clear answer, it’s probably high time to start looking somewhere else.

What about my items? Are they insured? Please confirm that my items are insured? As you can probably tell from the elongated phrasing, this is a question that is frequently asked. Once your big move is complete, you want to ensure that your precious items are safe and sound, nestled in their new home. Even the most professional moving companies in the world can make mistakes, so it is vital that you are compensated if something goes wrong.

With so many decisions in our day-to-day lives, you shouldn’t make choosing a moving company one of them. Action Moving& Storage have decades of cumulative experience, a talented in-house team, insurance, and a go-getter attitude that puts the competition to shame. Rather than go out and ask a company down the street the aforementioned questions, why not make things simple by going with Vancouver’s hardest working moving team? Contact us today for a free quote!