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Recently, the Medical Journal Of Canada released a series of shocking reports. These multi-volume analyses detailed the results of decades of research performed on a variety of Canadian residents. The goal of these studies? To uncover the chief causes- and remedies – of Mover’s Stress Syndrome (MSS). Most readers will be familiar with MSS – those unrelenting headaches, that horrific anxiety, and the sweaty palms that correlate with anticipating a big move.

For full disclosure, Action Moving and Storage is an organization composed of professional movers – not medical doctors. We also made up the entirety of the last paragraph. MSS is in fact a figment of our over-worked imaginations. Despite our lack of pharmaceutical expertise, we have still managed to witness the symptoms of MSS on a re-occurring basis. While our PHDs are still en route through Canada Post, we would like to pre-emptively provide any stressed out movers some tips that will help alleviate their concerns during their stress-inducing move. Today’s topic is equipment:

It all starts with the pre-packing. The sooner you can have your items ready to go, the easier the whole moving procedure will be. In the days / weeks prior to your move, start boxing up items that you know will not be used in the immediate future. Packing in advance will save yourself and your moving company a lot of valuable time.

But what shall I pack my precious goods in? You may be asking. Well, we generally advise against using regular cardboard boxes from the supermarket – they can break with too much weight and be a nuisance to stack. If you can, talk to your moving company and see if they have some box options. These plastic rental boxes are light, easy to organize and stack, and also have no chance of cracking and spilling your favourite commemorative porcelain statues.

If all else fails, cardboard boxes can still do the job. Just take precautions to ensure that you do not overstuff them with heavy items. Librarians be warned, books are the biggest culprit when it comes to boxes falling apart. Duct tape can be a trusted ally in these situations, as it can be used to fortify the cardboard folds.

What many people fail to consider when unpacking is the damage that box placement can cause on new floors (especially hardwood). This is where cardboard comes in handy: you can use it as a cushion for laying down heavy plastic boxes, so as to prevent any possibility of scratches or damage.

Suitcases are the under sung heroes of moving house. Many people have a bad habit of moving the empty suitcases. This, obviously, only leads to these clunky items taking up a whole lot of space, with zero utility value. While it may seem rather obvious, we sometimes do have to remind clients that these containers serve as reliable packing vessels themselves. Suitcases are ideal for carrying personal belongings that you will need during the move, clothing, and anything soft that won’t get damaged during the hustle and bustle of unpacking.

Besides boxes (and a reliable team of hearty movers), it is always good to prepare yourself by assembling an armoury of supplies that will help alleviate all symptoms of MSS. While it is important to tailor your equipment to suit your move, but always ensure that you have adequate stores of bubble wrap, paper wrap, labels, and markers.

Once all of these materials are assembled, you can start the proceedings with a smile and (hopefully) zero Mover’s Stress Syndrome. For more information about how to make your move – and your life – a lot easier, check out our blog, or give us a call!