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Game of Thrones may be finished, but Winter is coming. If like 40% of the population, harsh winter weather takes up half of the year and waiting for warm weather is a luxury. But you find yourself needing to move your house during this time, then preparation is key. We’ve rounded up the top ten tips to help your move be as safe and seamless as possible. Let’s take a look:

  1. Check the forecast 

First things first, check the weather! You need to keep an eye on this in the week leading up to the big event, and then everyday of your move—the last thing you want is to be caught in a blizzard. Secondly, roads may be closed and you may need to change your route. It’s a good idea to have 1-3 alternative routes planned just in case. Flexibility and open-mindedness will help avoid stress.

2. Confirm with your movers

It may be harder work to move in the winter, but it’s actually pretty smart. Naturally, winter is the off-season for moving companies. So, this means cheaper rates! Just to be on the safe side, check in with your movers a week before the big day, they too will be checking the weather on your route and may deem it unsafe to travel.

3. Protect your belongings 

The last thing you want is for your floors to be damaged, your baby monitor to die, or your dishware to crack in the moving process. Electronic devices really do not like cold weather. Pack all electronics into one or two boxes, and make sure those travel in your car, where the heat will be on and they can maintain a steady temperature. We recommend that you head to your nearest hardware store and stock up on plastic tarp and bubble wrap. Make sure your floors are completely covered and your Grandma’s china double…no triple-wrapped! 

4. Turn the heat off

Okay, in the midst of winter, this one does seem strange. But think about it, your front door will be open all day while people are in and out. Your furnace will be trying to heat your home and it will be going straight out the door. Not only is this awful for the environment, it’s a heavy hit on your electric bill too. Turn it off and savour the treat the next tip will give you…

5. Heat your bathroom 

Buy yourself a space-heater, set it up in your bathroom and keep the door closed. Moving is hard work, and you deserve those five minutes of toasty heaven. Not to mention, your movers will be eternally grateful to you! 

6. Make a clear, safe path for you and your movers

So you’ve packed up, made your journey and you’ve arrived! Great, but there’s still some work to be done. Moving boxes on ice is an accident waiting to happen. Your first step is to salt and shovel the snow, this will create a clear safe path for you and your movers.

7. Take good care of your movers

Moving is hard work at the best of times, not to mention in -30 conditions. To thank them for all their hard work, prepare a pot of coffee, hot cocoa or apple cider (non-alcoholic, of course!) to warm them up when they need to take a break. We’ve already talked about winter being their off-season. There is no doubt that they will greatly appreciate it.

8. Set up your new home for winter

Imagine arriving to a new home with no heat or light in the midst of winter? Yup, that would be AWFUL. Make sure that all of the utilities are turned on in your home before you arrive. We recommend two days prior to your arrival for optimum coziness. It’s good practice to have blankets and towels on hand too. Pack them in the top of one of your most accessible boxes, you may need them on arrival.

9. Buy a spare pair of gloves

A small but mighty tip—gloves are a vital part of moving in the winter. Head to your nearest dollar store and grab a couple of extra pairs of gloves. Your movers will have their own, but they may get soaked through quickly or be inadequate against the cold.

10. Make sure your new home is ready for unpacking

This is the same process you carried out in your old home. Conditions will likely be similar or worse, and movers will be in and out again. Protect your home with plastic tarp, newspaper and cardboard. Then stick the kettle on, sit back, and adjust to your new surroundings!

Are you planning a winter move? Give us a call! We will be happy to work with you to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for you and your family. Grab your FREE Estimate here.