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Everyone loves a bargain. Whether you are saving money on that new truck that you have been looking forward to purchasing, or simply grabbing armfuls of two for one cans of soup at the grocery store, few things capture the consumer’s eye quite like a discount.

With that being said, there are some services that are deceptively cheap. While a first glance may have you laughing on your way to the bank, at the end of the day, you may find yourself digging deeper into your pockets and ultimately regretting your decision. Unfortunately, one of these things is the ‘classic’ DIY move.

We’ve all  been there – the last minute struggle to rent a moving truck, the somewhat awkward obligations of friends and family to lend a hand, the accidental scraping of the dresser on the freshly painted wall… while cost-effective on the surface, DIY moving presents a number of setbacks that many people fail to recognize until it is too late. As the cliché expression goes, time is money, and just the sheer amount of hours that you are wasting with your own move is a issue in itself. When combined with the fact that you are likely not a moving expert (unlike the award winning team over at Action Moving & Storage), you can be quite certain that you will end up with a miniature disaster on your hands.

Still need convincing? Well, here are some reasons why the professionals can do it better, and why hiring a moving company may actually be more cost-effective than doing it yourself:

Our Team Is On Point

There is a reason why we won the consumer’s choice award in 2018: our staff are experienced, efficient, and committed to customer service. Rather than moving house say, once every two years, the Action team essentially performs moves every work day. What this means is that we have the skills to make your move as painless as possible. Tasks that have many DIY movers scratching their heads, such as moving bulky furniture, are just another day at the office for us. Rather than waste several hours of your busy day determining the exact angle to utilize while moving that massive Swedish-built cupboard down the stairs, let the professionals work their magic.

Packing = Afterthought or Art Form?

Your heart is beating fast, your palms are sweaty, hands obnoxiously sticky with duct tape residue… sound familiar? If so, you’re probably an infamous last-minute packer, always waiting until the very last minute to haphazardly toss your life into hastily assembled, questionably adequate cardboard boxes. Seemingly clear-cut procedures, such as deciding what to fit into a box, can quickly become complicated, especially when you are in a hurry. We are able to swoop in to our client’s homes and put all of these worries at ease. We know exactly what goes where, how to properly pack specific items, and can also advise on what you should assemble first in your new domicile. The outcome: you will be able to have more free time to decide whether you should keep that mini fridge that has been gathering dust for years…

Everything You Need, Whenever You Need It

Flimsy boxes gathered from your local supermarket should be a thing of the past (remember moving in college?). We have all of the hardware and essentials that will suit your packing needs. The money that you will be saving from not having to drive yourself to the grocery store is worth it in itself!

No More Damage

As much fun as dry-walling is, the residential damage associated with moving is a headache that most normal people try to avoid. With bulky furniture and tight corners, however, sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds. What may seem like a easy move may quickly turn into a day spent trying to reclaim one’s damage deposit. To make matters worse, the likelihood of one of your breakable items shattering during the move increases exponentially when you perform the work yourself. Action has been moving for years, and we know how to prevent all types of damage, ranging from scratches to broken vases. Moving would not be complete without packing, and, fortunately, we are masters of that as well, arranging our trucks in a manner that will ensure that your precious items are protected and crack-free.

At first glance, saving money by performing a DIY move is a great idea. Unfortunately, as many of our first time clients have reported, this decision can lead to disappointment, broken furniture, and lots of wasted time. If you or a loved one are planning a move in the future, take this article into consideration, and give your trusted movers at Action Moving a call, you won’t regret it.