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Gift baskets. Free parking. Hordes of puppies. There are some joys that life offers that truly allow one to appreciate the little things that make our existence so special. Do you want to know what one of them is not? Packing. If you can find someone who prefers packing to any of those aforementioned items, we will happily provide them with a free move (as well as our utmost sympathy).

Action Moving & Storage is well accustomed to dealing with clients who have chosen our services as a method of escaping the horrors of packing, and we don’t blame them. For those brave souls who decide to embark on their own packing nightm… adventure, we are happy to provide the following tips that are guaranteed to make life a whole lot easier:

  • Make A List: Another item that is definitely omitted from the ‘joys of life’ is going to be one of your greatest allies while packing – making lists. Depending on the size of your move and how much time you are allocating, having a checklist of what you are bringing and when can make a world of difference. We advise that this checklist is written prior to moving or packing anything at all, so that, once you have started the work itself, you need not worry about the headache that is a common symptom of being disorganized.
  • Don’t Overdo It: As tempting as it is to pack up absolutely everything you own, you should instead use your move as an opportunity to get rid of some of your excess possessions. While working through the individual rooms of your home, bring garbage bags and boxes that indicate which items you would like to donate or sell. This will make the unpacking process a lot easier and help alleviate any unnecessary mess in your new crib.
  • Divide Your Tasks: Disorderliness is the enemy of every mover in existence. Prior to packing everything in a haphazard fashion, take a good walk around your house and consider dismantling everything room by room. Packing and working through your belongings in an orderly fashion is a fool-proof way to be more efficient.
  • Distractions Are The Enemy: When your colleagues come to ‘help’ you pack, this friendly gesture can quickly erode into sitting on half-empty boxes drinking a couple cold ones. As mind-bendingly boring as this task may be, you should keep your eye on the prize, be mindful of your time limitations, and ensure that you shy away from anything (or anyone) that could distract you.
  • Make It… Fun?: It may sound as if we are grasping at straws here, but packing can have its fun moments. If you are packing with others (note the point above, though), then play some music, drop some dance moves, and make the most out of your experience. By remaining positive and upbeat, the time will fly by and you may actually enjoy yourself a little bit. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then reward yourself with some treats every time you hit a milestone in your packing extravaganza. Working late into the evening? Ordering a pizza is quick, easy, and won’t distract you.

When it comes down to it, why pack when there are hordes of puppies and free parking stalls out there to enjoy? Lists, a forced positive mindset, and avoiding your apathetic friends at all costs are all negative components of packing that, unfortunately enough, come with the territory. To make matters worse, you are going to have to devote a significant amount of your valuable time towards this humdrum activity, which is going to increase exponentially when the moving process itself begins.

Instead of putting yourself through such an ordeal, consider giving Action Movers a call. Our professional staff is efficient, experienced, and, above else, getting paid good money to do this work so that our customers can avoid it. We provide free moving boxes, and service that has won us Consumer’s Choice Awards numerous times throughout the years. Save yourself from the looming dark cloud of packing, give us a call! There are too many things out there that you can go and enjoy that aren’t putting your life into boxes.