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One important, and often understated, component of operating a moving company revolves about whom you are moving for, not just what is being moved. With years of experience under our work belts, Action Moving & Storage has seen our fair share of customers, both big and small, and, (for the sake of this article), young and old. Each of these age categories bear different challenges. Today, we will focus on the latter – senior citizens.

Moving can be a jarring transition for many people in their Golden Years. Giving up a home that you have lived in for a long time is a stressful experience, regardless of age, and it is something that is amplified when your residency has spanned entire decades. Our mandate while moving seniors is to make them as comfortable as possible during the big change-over. It is never easy saying goodbye, but it can be made a lot easier when our team takes hold of the situation so as to ensure they do not have to lift a finger during the proceedings.

From our experience, a big gripe that many older folks have when it comes to moving revolves around the packing process. Many of them are either physically unable to be constantly bending over and re-arranging different small items within boxes. Action Movers always makes a point to step in so as to make this process a lot easier. Our team is patient and open to client directives, traits which allow us to collaborate with our senior clients in a productive and mindful fashion.

Packing can provide plenty of opportunities for strolls down memory lane, which allows the elderly folks to feel more comfortable, while also providing our movers with plucky heartstrings. Communication is very important in these scenarios; packing up items of value can open up the floodgates for some good conversation. This helps everyone relax as the move unfolds. We make a point to pay extra attention to what the elderly have to say as it allows them to control the situation, without having to do the physical work.

Another important thing to keep in mind revolves around timing. Many seniors want to see things unfold in a manageable fashion that matches their schedules. This is completely understandable! In order to match these expectations, we work with them so as to create a schedule that works for everyone.

At the end of the day, we all have grandparents who sometimes need a little extra care and attention. This rule applies across the board, especially when it comes to moving house. Action Moving & Storage enjoy the work that we do with all of our clients, young and old, and view every new moving arrangement as a customer service puzzle just waiting to be solved. By practicing mindfulness and treating everyone with the utmost respect, we aim to make your move smooth, regardless of your age! Please call us today for a free estimate or to speak with customer service.