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Action Moving and Storage is your local trustworthy and reliable moving company that operates throughout Western Canada.

Our professional movers have completed the best-in-industry training program so that we create the best possible customer experience for you.

If you have any questions about our moving or storage services, we’re happy and ready to assist you. Please call our office directly for immediate assistance or fill out our FREE QUOTE contact form below. We look forward to connecting with you!

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How Far In Advance Should I Contact Action Moving and Storage?
While we do our best to help out our customers in a bind, it is generally recommended that you give us at least a one month notice prior to moving – particularly during the early and late Summer, when many people are deciding to move.

If you are a master planner, and look to arrange a booking several months in advance, we will be more than happy to honour the original rate.

When Should I Hire Movers?
As mentioned above, Summer is generally a lot busier for moving companies in general. The logic here is that students will be moving in or out around this time. Also, nobody wants to trundle all of their worldly possessions through the snow.

Really, the ‘when’ here is just a matter of preference. If you absolutely need to move, then the time of year likely won’t make a huge difference. What can make a difference is calling us in advance. Regardless of your situation or the season, we will have some advice or estimate that can make a big difference.

How Long Will It Take To Move?
This is a complicated question that we get surprisingly often. If you are a piano collector who owns a packed multi-bedroom mansion, well, chances are you are looking at a significantly longer time frame than say – an apartment owner.

As a standard example of timelines, a three-bedroom house generally takes our team approximately 4 to 7 hours to clean out. A large percentage of our time is spent packaging and protecting your items. Once you factor in the actual driving distance, the move itself can take anywhere from one to several days.

Tell Me More About Quotes and Estimates
We generate pricing based around the time needed to physically move your possessions, as well as travel time. Long distance moves may face additional charges that align with item weight (gas really adds up over time!).

Since every move is different, we ask that customers provide us with as much information as possibly regarding furniture inventory, packaging needed, and the ‘to and from’ locations. From there we will put together a number that works with your budget.

Moving can be a tricky practice, so we almost always allocate a ‘buffer zone’ to handle anomalies such as traffic. The good news is, if the move takes less time than expected, we will bill you a reduced rate!

What Costs Should I Be Expecting?
Once again, this all depends on what is being moved, and the distance that is covered. Local moves are estimated and billed on an hourly basis, while long-distance moves include an additional cost calculation that corresponds with the weight of your items.

The best way to determine exact costs is to give our team a call via phone or email – we offer estimates and quotes at no charge.

How Do I Pay?
After you have accepted our estimate, we generally require a deposit in order to confirm your reservation. Once the move commences, this deposit immediately contributes towards the final cost. If you are planning a long distance move, we ask for half of your deposit during the initial pickup, and then the rest once everything has been delivered.
What Does Action Moving and Storage Insurance and WCB Look Like?
While we do have an impeccable safety record, things can still go wrong in the world of moving. As that is the case – the Action Moving and Storage team comes equipped with full WCB insurance. Additionally, all of our moves are covered by insurance. Once you sign on to our service, every single one of the possessions you plan on moving will be fully covered, so you don’t lose sleep while we do the heavy lifting.
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