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Electronic devices share a lot in common. They all have small metal bits, a couple odd screws, and some tiny buttons that are oddly satisfying to play around with. The one major feature that electronics share in common is that they are super duper breakable. That is why movers must practice the utmost caution when transporting them from one place to another.  Like many people in this mystical modern era, the folks at Action Moving & Storage own electronics, and have several metric tons of experience moving them. We understand that they are breakable and expensive, and therefore ensure that we practice every precaution when moving them.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, it is always good practice to save the boxes that your electronics originally came in (if storage space permits, of course). This way, you will have convenient packaging whenever you choose to move house. Unfortunately, most people do not practice such foresight, and will often find themselves scratching their heads, wondering how to best move their delicate devices. Fortunately enough, Action Moving & Storage is here with a couple handy tips:

It all starts with shrink wrap. This stuff takes the upper hand over blankets or cardboard layers, which can sometimes be coated in dust, which can lead to potential damage. A tightly wrapped layer of shrink wrap over your television or computer monitor should always be applied before anything else. Proper coverage will prevent any dust or dirt from permeating the interior of your devices, and will also alleviate annoying spots on your blue screens.

Once the wrap is in place, make sure you cover all sensitive surfaces, such as glass screens or breakable pieces, with a layer of cardboard. This material will ensure that your screen does not break into a million pieces in the event that it bumps into anything. Masking tape or painter’s tape can be very useful to hold pieces of cardboard together.

Next, it’s time for the blankets (note: that word looks hilariously intense while bolded). These soft wonders are going to be your best friend when it comes to transporting anything breakable, especially electronics. This padding is essential when it comes to dodging any sort of physical damage, and we cannot advocate this layering enough! If you are a real professional, you will probably aim to cover the blanket with yet another layer of shrink-wrap.

You probably care a fair bit about your electronics. They are expensive and prone to absolutely exploding upon impact with any hard surface. By following the shrink wrap > cardboard > blanket > shrink wrap (we call it SCBS in the moving industry) routine, you can move easy, knowing that your television, computer, DVD player, or projector are perfectly safe.

Got questions? We got answers! Contact Action Moving & Storage today for some more pro moving tips.