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If you think the act of packing and moving everything that you own and hold dear is difficult, think again. Unpacking comes afterwards. Fortunately, most people are able to schedule this procedure for a point in time after moving day. What many of these poor folks fail to realize, however, is that they will have to start the proceedings early on – during the first night in their new home.

Few things are more demotivating than coming to the realization that you have spent all of your energy performing your house move, but lacked the foresight to prepare anything for that first sleep. Rather than spending a tranquil and relaxing evening, you may find yourself scrambling to unpack boxes, inadvertently causing more mess and commotion than is needed.

Action Moving and Storage is here to help you prepare for the first night in your new home – before you even move at all.

Sleep Gear

Dragging your grand piano collection up the second flight of stairs really tuckered you out, huh? As that is the case, you should prepare yourself for a comfortable rest by being cognizant about where your pillows and bedding are going to end up during the unpacking process. Whether or not you are using a professional moving company, be mindful of where (and how) your sheets, pillows, quilts, and mattresses are being packed. This way, you can prioritize setting them up inside your new domicile over anything else. This step is exceptionally important if you have small children, as they generally do not enjoy sleeping on cardboard boxes.

PRO TIP: Pack your window coverings with your bedding for maximum Z’s.

Essential Supplies

In the history of moving, there have been a grand total of zero that have taken place without someone getting dirty. Because of this, we always recommend making a small ‘emergency kit’ one of the first things that you pack. This should include all essential toiletries, medications, soaps, shampoos, hair dryers, deodorants…. the list goes on. Everyone’s kit is going to look a little different, so be sure to customize yours with the products that make you feel refreshed, healthy, and clean. Plus, who doesn’t want to give the washroom in their new home a whirl for the first time?

PRO TIP: Pack toilet paper. Nuff said.

Kitchen Supplies

Sure, it is pretty easy to hop onto your favourite food delivery to procure greasy pizza, poutine, and pulled pork after a hard day of moving. Chances are, you are hungry, and your body and mind are craving something greasy and delicious. Rather than spend unnecessary money on a delivery that isn’t even remotely good for you, consider packing up some kitchen items such as pots, pans, and some simple ingredients. This way, you can test out the new kitchen while instilling a ‘feels like home’ feeling by eating with your own utensils and dishes.

PRO TIP: Keep the coffee maker and toaster handy for the morning. Nothing like starting your unpacking adventure with a hearty breakfast.

Moving into a new home is a big hassle – don’t make your first sleep one as well. As with most dimensions of moving, it is the planning phase that ultimately will pay off the most. We hope you enjoyed our moving tips and please do think of us for all your residential moving and storage needs in Edmonton. We are always here to help.